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For Beginning Weave Wearers: Weave Terminology

For Beginning Weave Wearers: Weave Terminology 



Often times you have conversations with your friends or your hairstylist and have not a clue of what weave terminology they are using. You just nod your head in the affirmative not to look clueless. You take their word for it just to save face.

Well not anymore here is a cheat sheet of the most common terminology when it comes to weave and wearing weave.

This blog post will cut straight to the point with some pretty pictures for you visual learners!

So let’s get to it!

Weave: A process in which a hairpiece is interwoven with one’s hair to conceal thinning or increase length or to thicken.

Bundles: Hair that has been hand or machine sewn to create a wefted hair extension. These single wefted hair extensions a gathered together at the end. It’s either rolled or folded as in a bundle. The common weight is 3.5 oz. or 100 grams.

Weft: Lengthwise hair is machine sewn, drawn through and held stationary in tension on a mesh frame, done with loose or bulk hair. Comes in single or down drawn wefts.

Hand Tied Weft: Done by hand and are much thinner than machine wefts. They lay flat to the scalp to give you a more natural look.

Double Drawn: Contains hair on a weft that’s all the same length. The hair is thicker from top to bottom. Most Popular.

Single Drawn: Contains multiple lengths of hair mixed in the hair extension. Hair wefted at the top is thicker, tapers at the middle and is thin near the ends.

Sew-in: The process in which one’s hair is braided and the weft is sewn to the braids with a hair needle thread.

Vixen Sew-in: More versatile. One’s hair is parted in sections and wefts are sewn in where the hair and cover the tracks. This allow for more natural styling.

Fusion Hair Extensions: Applied and bonded to your natural hair. The hair is bonded around your real hair.

Full Weave: The process in which one’s hair is braided and the weft is sewn to the braids with a hair needle thread. None of your real hair is left out.

Partial Weave: The process in which one’s hair is braided and the weft is sewn to the braids with a hair needle thread. Portions or your hair are left out to give a natural look.

Closure: A 4x4 hairpiece that is used at the top of the head only when doing a weave style.

Frontal: A 13x4 hairpiece that is sewn at the top and towards the front of the head during a sew in or making a wig unit. A frontal gives more parting space and versatility when styling.

360 Frontal: Recreates and covers the entire perimeter of the head. Cuts your install time in half and gives you freedom when styling.


So there you have it Bougie Babes now you will be able to talk weave with the best of them.

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