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How Using Social Media Can Elevate Your Hair Business




How Using Social Media Can Elevate Your Hair Business


Social media is a household name and has become a necessity like food. The usage has increased since the 2000's. Let's face it, people live for or live on, social media.

Brick and mortar businesses that did not have an online presence, such as being on a social media, have failed or are failing. Having an online presence on a social media platform these days is critical for the lifespan of businesses.  

Listen, we all know if you don't have a page, profile or wall somewhere on social media you are not in the "in" crowd, the "popular" are just not one of the "cool" kids!  No one knows you!

Businesses are slowly but surely getting on the bandwagon. There are more and more online businesses popping up and going viral because of social media, earning six figures or more.

Do you have a hair business or want to start a a hair business? Well you have to go social, social media that is!


Social Media Platforms

Let's take a look at the different social media platforms that appeal to the online hair business.


  • Online photo and video sharing network. For visual buyers. 
  • Best suited for businesses such as hair businesses, hair salons, restaurants and clothing retailers. People on the gram love pictures and most of all videos of your hair products and how a style is created with your product.
  • Instagram appeals to the 18-29 year old target age group. 35% of adults use Instagram.
  • Users use their mobile devices heavily.
  • Has the capability to build a business page, tag products in picture post so that grammers can shop from your page and stories.
  • Can run ads for more brand exposure.
  • Must post great picture content frequently.



  • Networking site where users create profiles, upload photos and videos, send messages and keep in touch with family & friends.
  • Most widely used social media site. All businesses should have a Facebook page if looking to generate more brand awareness. It's the mother hen. 74% of adults use Facebook.
  • As for target markets, Facebook’s biggest growth has been in the over 55 population. It's for a more mature audience. I would say those 35 and up would be the target for Facebook.
  • Facebook has a marketplace to display your products for sales across the country, across the world.
  • Capability to have a business page and a shopping mall within a business page.
  • Can run ads for more brand exposure.



  • Networking platform where users send and read 140 character messages called tweets. You have to be great with word play that will make an impact.
  • Twitter’s strength is in real time posting. So this is great for on the day launches and flash sales. 
  • About 24% of adults are using Twitter, they are more likely to follow brands or companies and check their Twitter feed frequently during the day.
  • Must tweet frequently.


Pinterest: (Our favorite)

  • Not a social media platform in particular but I believe that all product based business should have Pinterest.
  • Search engine that allows members to pin or post photos and videos to their pin boards. It's Google. 29% of adults use Pinterest
  • Best for companies with eye catching images; hair industry, hospitality or travel industry, interior decorating and wedding related.
  • Target audience is predominantly female, so any online hair company should be using Pinterest.
  • Users have a high household income level.
  • Users can purchase on Pinterest from your pins.
  • Has the capability to build a business page.
  • Can run ads for more brand exposure.


The Difference

With any of these platforms you must have value preposition. That means, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. Your social media pages shouldn't mimic your competition. What makes you different? Focus on what you should be highlighting in each post, video, story or pin, to attract your target market.

Everyone wants the new thing! So give it to them! 


Benefits of Using Social Media For Business:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More Website Traffic
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Improved Brand Loyalty
  • More Brand Authority
  • Target Your Audience In One Place
  • Monitor Analytics For Brand Performance.


Now that you know the different platforms to use to elevate your hair business and what they have to offer, as well as the benefits of using them for your business, it's time to choose one and master it.

You can have all of them, we do, however, it is best to nail down the one that makes more of an impact and aligns with your target market and brand. When you do, you can become the expert at that platform, get it to work for your benefit, then move to the next. 

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It's all about mastery, then your business begins to run on autopilot leaving room for you to focus on business expansion! 

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Marica Janaè
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