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Question of the Week: How Do I Stop My Weave From Itching My Scalp?


This week's question is; How Do I Stop My Weave From Itching My Scalp? 

Well Bougie Babes we all have experienced this from time to time. We pat our heads to the point of headache or find the nearest pointy object to get passed those tracks to dig into our scalps. Well Rated Bougie Hair Company is here to tell you that there is a God, there is relief. on sista!

Here are our top 5 helpful tips for reliving your itchy scalp and saving it from near death:

1. Buy Quality Hair Extensions/Weave

Babes, you have got to purchase hair that is of quality not because it looks good in a package and is sold 2 for $50. Sometimes cost does matter and you get what you put out. Cheap hair contains chemicals that will irritate you scalp all to be damned. Chemicals are used to process that hair to make it look luxurious and it's not.

So today, take the pledge to stop spending your hard on dollars on hair that does not give you the best results and causes you scalp stress. Make sure to raise your right hand when taking this pledge so it can be official lol.

2. Wash Your Hair/Extensions/Weave before Install.

If you purchase quality hair then you know it's not coming from America. Even if it was coming from American you still need to properly, shampoo or co-wash your hair extensions/weave before install, especially Raw hair bundles. Make sure to let the hair air dry.

I know I know the hair is so pretty and you want it to look the same especially Brazilian loose wave hair (isn't it bomb), yes you will lose a little of that fresh wave but if your hair is of quality it won't run off to far.

Wash that hair girl. Make sure the hair that will come in contact with your own hair and scalp is clean. 

3. Make Sure Your Braids Are Not Too Tight

Now you know some stylist or their assistants will "catch" every piece of hair down to your eyebrows and when you look in the mirror you look like you changed nationalities. You know what I'm talking about. Girl instant face lift just snatched up to the gods.

All jokes aside, your braids a just to tight and too close together which does not give your scalp air to breath or a way for you to get in between the braids to oil your scalp or do a dry shampoo. Without your scalp getting some air or a way for you to care for it, it will flake and itch.

Tell whoever that does your braids, if you are starting to look 10 years younger, that the braids are too tight so it can be fixed before install.

4. Oil Your Scalp & Give It a Dry Shampoo

Your scalp could be just dry babe. We can't get our beautiful wefts installed and forget what's underneath all of that luscious hair. So you must moisturized your hair. Two of my favs are sweet almond oil and grape seed oil (oil benefits will be in an upcoming blog). These two oils moisturize your dry scalp  and a dry scalp will lead to itching and irritation.

Yes I said dry shampoo lol. There are dry shampoo sprays you can use to get in between those braid and get all of that build up off of your scalp. This help if you can't make that appointment with your stylist for maintenance. 

5. Take Care of Your Foundation First

Before your install make for certain that your hair is properly washed and has had a deep condition. I say deep condition because your strands need strength. Your hair will be covered for a period of time and your foundation needs to be strong.

Also, oil your scalp before install to insure that your scalp, your foundation, is moisturized that goes for your hair as well even with quick weaves. It's all in the technique don't let anyone tell you, you can't moisturize your scalp before a quick weave. I've done it for years and had great results.

Insuring that your foundation is taken care of will give you better chance of your scalp not itching.

Well Bougie Babes these are our top 5 helpful hints for reliving your itchy scalp with wearing hair extensions/weaves.

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