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Who says Melanin Girls Can't Wear Blonde?

Who says Melanin Girls Can't Wear Blonde?

Who are these people that say us melanin beauties can’t wear and slay this blonde hair color? Where have they been? What planet are they on? My sistas rock the hue of blonde well and better than most!

So if you are thinking about trying out any shade of blonde, I’m here to say… GO FOR IT! Don’t let the talks of, you are too dark stop you. That skin you are in is beautiful and blonde will look good on you!

Now here at Rated Bougie Hair Company, though we provide hair extensions, we care about the health of your hair. So we would suggest not bleaching your hair. It takes a lot to maintain bleached hair and it you are not up for it you will lose your beautiful tresses.

So how can you go blonde without bleaching your hair? I’m glad you asked. We suggest trying out Russian Blonde hair extensions or any hair extensions of choice and bleaching those, lifting them to the color blonde of choice. Of course to get the best blonde color we suggest that you have your extensions bleached or colored by a professional. All of our collections can be bleached or colored beautifully.

Today I’m going to show you some different options of blonde to put your mind at ease and get your creative juices flowing for your next hair color and style.


Russian Blonde #613

Russian Blonde #613 gives you the color of sunlight. The colors or yellow with a golden touch.

Our Russian Blonde extensions can be colored to the blonde color of choice, such as ash blonde!


Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde is a favorite of mine its subtle and warm great for the fall and winter months. Personally I would rock this year round! SLAY!


Grey Blonde

Making a recent appearance to the popularity scene, this grey hair does not scream grandmother it screams glam and a risk taker. If you don’t want your roots grey darken them to give a more natural feel. I prefer darker roots! Try our grey blonde body wave and change your life today! You won’t be disappointed!


Pink Blonde

OMGEEE... this pastel pink is so pretty on our melanin skin! It’s best to start this blonde color on already lightened hair such as an ash blonde and adding a light pink to it. Or you can take Russian Blonde darken the roots and add a semi-permanent or permanent color such as a pastel or blush pink to the extensions.


Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde maybe the riskiest blonde of them all. This blonde makes the statement of confidence, risk taker and a bold women. The hue is lighter than grey and rich!  A definite head turner!

So my Melanin Bougie Beauties YOU CAN wear blonde and look beautiful! Don't shy away from it go for it! Now you have away to try any hue of blonde without damaging your own hair. HEY you can have 5 different wig units all in a different shade of blonde! The sky is the limit!

Marica Janaè

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