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30 min. Business Build-her Session






You are a visionary and have gotten the bright idea to start a hair extension business, product based business online or Poshmark Closet? You are excited to be apart of a million or  billion dollar industry and you just want your cut.


You've asked questions with no straight answers. You've watched Youtube, reached out to business owners on Instagram with no response. You just want to know how to take this idea passed idea.

We understand your frustration and are here to help.

  1. Download the FREE Checklist on How To Start A Hair Extension Business Online and start working through that checklist. This helps also with online product based businesses
  2. Get your copy of Launch: The Ultimate Guide To Starting a Hair Extension Business Online. Apply what you have worked on with the checklist and merge it with what you have learned in the Guide.
  3. Need more help? Schedule a 30 min. Business Build-her Session with Owner Marica Janaè. 

Marica Janaè has experience not only with building an online hair business, she has also built sales teams, has experience with accounting, recruiting as well as HR, marketing and customer service!

In this 30 min call we will discuss starting your hair extension business online or your product based business online. We will go from idea to launch! 

"If anyone is in the process of building their business or brand book with Marica today! She'll coach you on how to successfully run your business online. I'm so grateful for you Marica!"

-Ticia L

Your help is here! The only task left to do is to START!