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Raw Hair Care Instructions

Raw hair is different from virgin hair. It is cut from a single donor, cleansed then sold. It has not been altered in any way. It is in its purest from. You must care for raw hair like your own or even better. Due to the climate it has been grown in you must use moisture products. Raw hair produces a frizz this is normal. 

1.Co-wash Hair Before Install

Remember raw hair is in its purest from though cleansed we suggest cowashing the hair with a mosituring cowash paying close attention to the ends. Using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush, comb/brush through from the ends going up as gently as possible. Take your time!

2. Weekly or Bi Weekly Shampooing & Conditioning

Rated Bougie Hair Co has 100% human hair so you have to treat it as such. You don’t want a product buildup on the hair or it will not perform well and the lifespan will not last long.  Use high quality shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. When conditioning, allow the product to remain on the hair at least 10 -20 minutes with low heat if possible for maximum deep conditioning.

Use a good leave in conditioner that is hydrating.

Air dry your raw hair or blow dry on a med heat setting. You want to elimate frizz and avoid heat damage so we suggest air drying when possible. If blow drying use a heat protectant and a silk serum before blow drying.

3. Always Wrap or Cover your Raw Hair

It is very important to cover your hair at night or even while just relaxing. You can use a satin bonnet or scarf. Never go to sleep without protecting your hair! When storing the hair store in silk wrap or bag.

4. Keep Hair Frizz Free and Sleek

We suggest using a silk serum, like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny or Bed Head’s Silk Finish. Or a good frizz product. If you decide to use an oil keep it very lightweight so not to cause weigh down. Use a dime size of these products for the entire head paying attention to ends then working up.